Keeping up with Dave

History of the sign shop

Dave Ashley has been in the sign business for over 40 years. Starting as a hand sign painter in his youth Dave has worked hard to hone his skill. Dave's entrepreneurial spirit would grow more as he traveled across the country making signs, and connections when he could. Around the late 70's-80's he joined the Air Force and there he was an engineer working on radar and other location instruments. Anything that life throws in Dave's direction he learns it and makes it his own. While he was in the air force his old trade seemed to follow him. Dave still managed to get jobs hand painting signs for the Air Force, lettering helicopters and anything else he could get his hands on, he would continue working as a sign painter after he was out of the military, forming his own businesses on the west coast. Years later he returned to his roots in the DC, Maryland, Virginia region opening up a few very successful hand painting sign shops. Years later when the sign industry began to change and evolve, into vinyl cutting and digital designs Dave was right there alongside the advances learning the software and how to operate these new machines, it was almost to easy of a learning curve for him.  Dave Ashley's Signs was established in 2000, Dave wanted to bring a fast and high quality sign shop to the Dickerson area. hiring help around the shop, first Chris Pennington, and a few years later Cole Turpie. Together they run the shop and provide signs for local business. "Our passion for excellence and innovation is what drove us from the beginning and it still drives us now. In fact, it’s what makes us tick." says Dave

Many times, it’s the most ordinary products that make the biggest impact on our daily lives. At Dave Ashley Signs, we believe that by offering the best of the best in even the simplest products, we can make a big difference in the lives of our customers.

So, what are you waiting for? Come visit us, email us, or pick up the phone and give us a call! We look forward to meeting you! 

23907 Old Hundred Rd

Dickerson, MD 20842